What Is Foie Gras And How To Cook It?

At home, you can cook tasty and straightforward dishes from this delicacy. Record Recipes!

Foie gras (the word of the middle kind) is a fat liver of a duck or goose (literally translated from French) with fat content up to 40% and an average weight of 400-800 grams. It has a color from light pink to light yellow and a dense, delicate structure.

They get such a liver, forcibly overfeeding the bird and restricting its movement. Therefore, the liver grows many times larger than the standard size.

Foie gras is considered a real delicacy. This product has been known since the time of ancient Rome. Foie gras is produced in many countries, and its main producer in France, where it ranks with caviar and truffles and is considered a subject of national pride.

Taste differences between goose liver and duck are insignificant. Although gourmets may say that the goose liver has a delicate creamy taste, and the duck liver has a more intense flavor.

Sell foie gras in raw, semi-finished and finished. You can buy foie gras raw liver for 2 days, in a vacuum package with longer shelf life or frozen.

You can also buy various pies and terrines (baked pastes that are made from minced meat in a rectangular refractory form). You can also find on sale canned foie gras. Canned food can consist of whole liver, foie gras with various additives, of pressed minced meat.

How to cook foie gras at home

At home, you can cooksimple and tasty dishes from this delicacy. Fatty liver of a goose or duck can be bought, for example, you can buy it from those who grow geese and ducks at home.

Before you start cooking this or that dish, you must pre-process the liver. To do this, carefully separate the lobes from each other, remove the films, if there are veins. Perhaps you are lucky,and you buy a liver with already removed veins.

There are many ways to prepare foie gras: you can boil it, fry it, bake it and make various pies out of it. More often, foie gras are fried and made from it pastes.

You can fry foie gras whole or in slices, in a well-heated pan.

Slices should be cooked for 0.5-1.5 minutes – it depends on what degree of cooking you prefer. You can learn it by experience.

It is served cold from a pre-boiled, baked or steamed liver. It is recommended to serve foie gras with Sauternes – this white dessert wine from France perfectly emphasizes all the subtle flavors of foie gras.

Consider a few recipes for making foie gras at home.

Fried Foie Gras


  • Foie gras (fresh) – 500 g,
  • Leaves of green salad,
  • Salt,
  • Pepper.


Foie gras neatly divided into fractions, salt,and pepper. Put on a hot pan. Cook for 2 minutes on each side.

Then put it in a baking dish andput the oven for 20-30 minutes in a heated up to 160-170 degrees, periodically water it with the fat released during frying.

Put the finished foie gras on lettuce leaves.

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