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Accident with truck: who compensates for personal injury accident?

You have had a traffic accident with a truck. You have not only suffered material damage, but also personal injury. Who should compensate for the loss after an accident with a truck or truck? Who compensates for the personal trauma of the truck accident?

Are you entitled to a personal injury compensation at all? Who will pay the compensation to you? Which personal injury amounts are paid in a truck accident? A victim often has more rights than they think in the first instance.

A truck accident often has serious consequences for the person who has been hit. An accident with a truck leads to serious injuries more often than with passenger cars due to the size and weight of the vehicle. Not in the last place because pedestrians, cyclists, and scooters are often involved in truck accidents.

The blind spot in trucks is a source of accidents, despite the legally required blind spot mirror.

Because the lorry driver does not see the pedestrians walking in the blind spot or the cyclist cycling or walking in the blind spot, a serious accident often occurs. Serious because a pedestrian, cyclist or scooter driver almost unprotected to traffic.

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Accident with truck and liability

Who is liable in a traffic accident with a truck? It depends on the traffic situation who and for how many and which road user is liable in a truck accident. There are various liability situations.

  • Did the truck driver make a traffic violation and was this completely wrong?
  • Was a cyclist involved in the truck accident?
  • Did the truck driver handle a traffic jam and caused a head-to-tail collision?
  • Did the other road user does not give priority or did they drive red?
  • Did the truck driver on the back of a car stop at the traffic light?
  • Was there an accident with a truck involving a child of thirteen or younger?
  • Were the lorry driver and the other road user both responsible for the accident?
  • Has there been an accident with a truck and a pedestrian?

The person who is liable will have to pay the personal injury compensation if someone has been injured. In the case of shared liability, the personal injury compensation to be paid to the percentage of the debt must be compensated. The personal injury amounts can increase considerably.

The cyclist involved in an accident with the truck

A cyclist is a so-called weak traffic participant. For cyclists in an accident with a lorry or any other motorized vehicle the liability never exceeds 50%. The lorry driver is always responsible for half of the time in a collision with a bicycle.

Injury damage at a head-tail collision in a traffic jam or for a traffic light

When a truck runs into a traffic jam or truck, a stationary car drives in front of the traffic light from behind, then the truck driver is always fully liable. There must be sufficient distance, even though trucks have a longer braking distance because they are so big and log. The truck driver must take into account that it can stop on time. If you have a collision with a truck on the back, you can expect a maximum compensation.

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