Web Hosting: Windows or Linux?

So, finally, you decided that you need an account for hosting the website, and now you are asking yourself: “Linux or Windows?” Fortunately, the difference between them is small, and both options are suitable for most customers. Linux and Windows are the dominant operating systems in hosting websites, and although Linux is leading with a noticeable margin, regarding functions and applications, the differences between them are minimal, so the choice is not apparent. To finally make sure of its correctness, you need to proceed from the way you build your site hosted by your hosting provider, which tools you plan to use.

On Linux and Windows operating systems, different scripts and database languages ​​are used. So, if you need PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby or MySQL, then choose Linux, if ASP or ASP.NET is Windows.

Of course, this is a highly exaggerated approach. Windows actually supports most of these development tools, but the widespread belief is that Linux hosting is better suited to most customer needs.

In fact, in each case, the choice of Linux or Windows depends on the requirements for hosting and the features of the site. But, given that about 70% of all sites are running on Linux, there is some advantage behind it. Linux is often considered the best OS for web hosting. It is characterized by stability, reliability, it is well suited for complex environments, blogs, forums, content management systems, online stores.


What is the difference?

It’s worth taking a closer look at Windows and Linux to understand the differences and advantages of these systems. Usually, such comparisons reduce to application compatibility.

Introduced in 1992, the free modular Linux operating system is in many ways considered the best OS for web servers. In the case of Linux, you will only have to pay for the support of some distributions: although there are free Linux versions, in the business environment they are usually less popular than commercial software. Due to its reliability, stability, and efficiency, Linux OS has earned a reputation as one of the latest and best options for web and mail servers. There are many cheap Linux VPS providers in the market.

For every web server under Windows, there are two for Linux. All the largest hosting providers work on Linux. The Linux OS is a particularly good option for those who are considering using PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby or MySQL. Solutions for Windows are usually paid, while Linux allows a host of Open Source applications for hosting, including different site authors, blogs, forums, content management systems (CMS), and much more. If you want to secure, then the best option will be Linux. However, its support and technical expertise in this area, as a rule, are worth the money.

Windows Server was released by Microsoft in 1993. Since then, the company has become a known player in the server operating system business. Although it is not free, like Linux, Microsoft offers support and updates. One of the strong benefits of Windows over Linux is the presence of an ASP.NET Web application development environment, although its current versions are also compatible with Linux. Besides, in Windows, SharePoint and Exchange applications make it easier to collaborate on projects. However, Window has a more complicated licensing model.

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