Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of all time

Views on YouTube is a chance to enter the story not only to bloggers but also to musicians. Thanks to multimillion and even billions of views, some clips were densely based on the rating of the most watched video-hosting for the entire time of existence.

We mentioned below 2 most viewed and evergreen songs.

Taylor Swift: Blank Space

Cutie Taylor with her track Blank Space rested comfortably on the fourth position of the rating. The clip has collected one and a half billion. Many are confused. What is the difference? Apparently, the explanation is only one – the song is very good. The movie itself is not remarkable.

Taylor Swift began her career in 2006. During this time she managed to get music awards, to star in a couple of films and in one TV series.

At the moment, her musical career is experiencing a period of take-off. Her songs are written in the style of pop-country. It is thanks to the prefix “country” that her songs are so popular in the US. They coincide with the mentality of Americans.

As for the very clip of Blank Space, it is thoroughly imbued with the way of life of Americans. Most likely, most of the people watching the video are citizens of the United States of America. Thanks to the Americans this video and got into the most popular on Youtube.

Adele: Hello

Closes the list of the most watched videos British singer Adele with a Hello track and a billion views. The song in the style of pop-soul was liked by many, and the video scored so many views.

In the song, there is also a “raid” of R & B style, which is very popular with modern youth. But the main advantage of both the track and the video is the voice of Adele himself.

Adele started her career in 2007. For all the time the singer was nominated for many music awards, and almost all of them received. Adele repeated the success of The Beatles.

Her, as in her time The Beatles, was declared the “best performer of BBC sound”, having listened to only the first song. By the way, Adele is a Knight of the Order of the British Empire. Few of the performers can boast of such.

In the ranking of the most viewed videos on YouTube.


Rating the most popular videos on YouTube – a capricious and unpredictable thing. It seems that only now you were “on top of Mount Everest,” and after a couple of days you rolled into the “bowels of Hell.” Of course, this rating is not very objective, as, perhaps, there is a wrap-up of views from some unscrupulous bloggers. Well-known performers, as a rule, do not suffer this. But still, views on Youtube are a kind of “litmus test,” reflecting the degree of popularity of a particular video.

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