10 Tips for Improving Your Internet Marketing

How to Set Up Internet Marketing?

You created the product and wrote an excellent selling article. Only now there were no sales, and no.

And all because these special actions are not enough to convert visitors to customers. You need to set up internet marketing and teach the readers to trust you…

Usually, products are not trusted because there is no trust in the creator. Even if your offer is really good, you probably will not get it because you are not trusted.

Agree, if people approach you on the street and offer the cheap phone to buy a phone, you are unlikely to buy it (I hope :)). Because you do not know him at all and cannot be sure of the quality, origin of this phone.

But if you meet a good friend on the street and offer the same phone for the same price, you will think, and if necessary, most likely, buy.

To set up your internet marketing, follow these 10 Online marketing tips:

1. Content Marketing

Be engaged in a blog as if your life depends on it.

Create output graphs for articles and try to follow them. To begin with, teach your visitors to read what you want to convey to them. Even if the information is interesting, few will visit the blog, if the new article needs to wait a week.

Regularity shows that you are serious about the matter and on the subconscious mind raises the level of trust in you.

Prove with the help of quality content that you know what you are talking about. Create confidence among readers that you are highly competent and can solve any of their problems.

2. Be open and available

The audience should know you. Publish your name and the names of your team members along with the photos. In addition to its history and interesting facts, do not forget about contacts. Specify an email, phone number, information about you from the media.

People want to acknowledge that they are trading with real people.

3. Testimonies

People are always skeptical about the goods or what you say about yourself. They want to listen to “their” person, with a similar way of life, ideology, ideals. Study your audience and provide them with such testimonies in your articles.

Another type of evidence is the expert’s opinion. A person should be an authority for your readers. The best kind of such evidence is video or your joint photo.

4. Proof of masses

Nobody wants to be the only one who buys your product. When people do not know what to do, they do what others do.

Develop a culture of blog comments. Ask buyers to write their opinion about the product.

Speak in numbers. Mention the number of customers, the number of readers of the blog, the number of subscribers or other information with impressive numbers.

5. Avoid unnatural photos

Photos of articles should be relevant and qualitative.

Do not publish men in suits shaking hands, women laughing alone with a salad or half-naked girls.

The purpose of photography is to portray your audience as buyers. Study your readers, you must know how they behave.

6. Articles in other sources

Try to become an author or invited expert on several other sites. Your blog should have links that show this experience. If you are read by someone other than the community, the visitors will trust you.

7. Design

Visitors judge the book by the cover. If your design has survived three generations of humanity, then it certainly will not sell anything.

It’s not about the color scheme or like / dislikes – it’s a matter of taste, but here’s the right technically created design should be required.

If you have the means, it is better to hire a professional.

8. Flashing banners, pop-ups

All this irritates the visitor. If your blog looks like a Christmas tree, immediately fix it.

The goal – a person, should spend as much time on the blog, and not be tired after two minutes.

9. Demonstration of results

Show how your product helps to solve the problem. The photo, video materials of the results of your work should be constantly updated. Otherwise, there is no point in all this.

Show that you are not an online hero, but actually, show results.

10. Counter of confidence

Ask a simple question in the side information panel – Do you trust our team?

This will serve as a so-called confidence counter. Do not specify “no” as an option. This question is best asked after a long time the blog.

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